Nivea Mens Sensitive Post Shave Balm (Makeup Primer)

April 08, 2016

Right so if you're reading this I'm guessing you have heard all the hype surrounding the Nivea For Mens Post Shave Balm. This may look like your average men's shaving smelly but to all the beauty lovers out there this is an amazing primer. Shocking I know...At first I was really cautious of using this because although it was for sensitive skin I thought it would break my skin out so I put off buying it for a while, but since my skin has got better I thought "right lets see what all the fuss is about!"

My First impression is that this product is amazing for a base primer, I simply smear it all over my face after moisturising and due to the amount of Glycerin it pretty much acts like a glue, holding on your foundation. Great for my oily skin, no oil is getting through this bad boy.

The first time I applied it, obviously the smell was a little bit of a distraction as it is to me a very manly smell so smearing this all over my skin was quite an unnatural thing to do. I rubbed it into my whole face focusing mostly on my T-zone as this is where I get the most oil. I waited for it to dry which only took a minute or so and applied my makeup as normal. Throughout the day I did notice that I didn't have to apply my powder as much as usual and my skin still looked just as fresh as it did in the morning. I also noticed that my pores look significantly smaller when I used this which is always a plus.

I picked this up in my local boots and it was only £5.35! Such a bargain considering I was using the Benefit Porefessional before this at a hefty price-tag of £25! A massive price difference there and does the exact same thing so will definitely be sticking with this one from now on.

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