My Favourite Liquid Lipsticks

April 08, 2016

So I'm only just jumping on the bandwagon of the liquid lipstick craze. I always assumed that lipsticks like this would make my lips dry out, so I steered clear...oh how I was missing out!

row of different liquid lipsticks including mua sleek mac

I started out with the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Back in Vogue', as I thought this was a very safe colour to get for my first liquid lipstick. The only thing with this colour is I didn't realise that it was such an orangey nude but I pair it with MAC 'Stripdown' lipliner to make it more of a brown/beige and it works a treat.

open bottle of Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Back in Vogue

It was nothing like any other lipstick I've had before so trying it for the first time was strange, the consistency is really wet when first applied to the lip and sitting there with my mouth wide open for about minute to dry felt a bit bizarre - but regardless once dried this hardly budged. 

I put my lipliner on beforehand to shape my lips then applied the colour, I only needed one coat as the pigment in this was so strong it completely covered my lips with just one swipe. The staying power was pretty good although drinking and eating did make the colour fade a little bit but it was still passable. The applicator is a nice shape and fits on the lips snuggly.

The staying power is unreal, I have no idea why i've been wasting my time with normal lipsticks that I have to re-apply every 5 minutes for all this time. It feels a little bit dry on the lips but that's easy to sort out, just a little bit of Carmex before application really helps. I was so impressed with the MAC ones that I also got the colour 'Feels So Grand' and it's the most perfect blue toned red ever, makes my teeth look super white which is exactly what we want from a red lippy.

open bottle of Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Feels So Grand

So due to the fact that I absolutely have been converted to liquid lipstick I went on the search for a couple of less pricier ones. So off I go searching in my local Superdrug store and I go straight to the makeup aisle. After probably spending about half an hour swatching every lipstick known to man I finally decide on MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Tranquility'  and Sleek Matte Me Lipcolour in 'Birthday Suit' - I'm so happy with these and I'm so glad to have found cheaper versions of liquid lipsticks that I love just as much.

The Sleek one is personally my favourite out of them all I love the colour, its a pinky mauve just what I've been looking for. The only down fall to this one is the applicator, I wish it was a little bit smaller as where its quite big the product gathers a lot on the brush but the pigment and colour makes up for this.

open bottle of Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Birthday Suit

The MUA one is such a bargain for the quality of the product, MUA (also known as 'Makeup Academy') has such a huge range of products at amazing prices. I own quite a few different products from the range and it's safe to say that every single one has impressed me. This lip-colour is the perfect nude shade and the applicator is on point. The product sits really nicely on the lips without over drying and doesn't do that annoying gathering thing in the middle of your lips. I only picked up the colour 'Tranquility' but I think i'm going to go back and purchase a couple more and maybe see what the darker colours are like.

open bottle of MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer Tranquility

Here's swatches of all four of the colours, I did one layer of each and you can see a difference in the pigment between the cheaper and higher-end products but I suppose that's what you get with the difference in price. However I'm seriously impressed with all four and would definitely recommend all of them.

arm with mix of liquid lipstick swatches example

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