My Skin journey...

March 25, 2016

My skin has always been a massive issue for me. All throughout my teenage years I suffered with mild acne and although it was 'mild' it was persistent so everyday I would wake up and the first thing I would do is run my hands over my chin to feel what new spot was greeting me that day, and it was seriously getting me down. I suffered with acne all around my chin area which included massive disgusting boils and under the skin annoying ones which just wouldn't go away. At 25 I thought enough is off I went to the doctors with a goal in get rid of this acne once and for all. I had visited the doctor on many occasions over the past 5 years and every-time I was told the same thing..."oh it's your'll grow out of it" or "its the dairy in your diet"...but this time I went I was literally at breaking point. I had tried everything I could think of, trying out what seemed to be every product under the sun, taking as many herbal remedies and vitamins that I could think of and changing my whole diet...but nothing had worked. Working in my industry in a beauty hall full of gorgeous girls with blessed skin really didn't help my self esteem - I knew I didn't have the worst skin but to me it was getting me down.

Over the last year I have been doing a lot of research into what would help my skin medically, I came across a lot of reviews about Roaccutane and of course when I saw some of the reviews and the "before's and afters" I convinced myself ...RIGHT...this is what I'm going in for and I'm not settling for anything off I marched into the doctors...I explained to the doctor how I was feeling and how it was effecting my day to day life. Of course the doctor was so lovely and understanding until I mentioned 'Roaccutane'...her tune changed. I was aware of the negativity surrounding this product but the doctor was really against it, saying that the statistics for depression and suicide was extremely high and that she didn't feel my skin was bad enough to be put on it. At this point I just wanted to walk out as I thought "ah here it is all over again probably just going to tell me to change my diet blah blah blah" but the doctor suggested a course of antibiotics called Minocycline. I would have to take 100g capsules once a day for the unforeseeable future until I'm happy that my skin has healed enough.

box of minocycline antibiotic medication for skin

This is what the Minocycline Capsules come like....

reverse instructions of minocycline box of antibiotics

OMG these tablets are like little capsules of heaven to me! I'm on my fifth month and I can honestly say I have never felt happier about my skin. The first month I was on them I didn't see any changes and I thought "oh for goodness sake!" but I persevered and I'm so glad that I did. I very rarely get a break out now and if I do it's a tiny little spot which clears up super quick.

The doctor also prescribed me a medicated cream called Epiduo. In the past I had tried what seemed to be every over-the-counter acne treatment out there but none of them worked so I didn't really have high hopes for this cream either. But seriously this is the best treatment ever! I feel like Minocycline and the Epiduo cream go together like 'peas and carrots'. I simply smear a thin layer of this over the affected area before bed and as if by magic, any spots have vanished overnight. I was (and still am) very impressed with this product and can't ever imagine my life without it. Just to warn you that the first couple of times I did use this it made my skin feel really tight and I felt a burning sensation, but I think it was because I was putting too much on and now I've learnt that just a small amount does the trick.

bottle of epiduo face treatment cream

I just want to also talk to you about my current skincare routine as it has also changed drastically since taking the tablets. I have always had a very good skincare regime, cleanse tone and moisturising every morning and night for as long as I can remember. Looking back I think I was over loading my skin with unnecessary chemicals (pretty much anything I could get my hands on for spots) so when I started my treatment I decided to go back to basics, just a simple cleanser and moisturiser will do me for now. For the cleanser I decided to go for the 'Clean & Clear - Deep Action Cream Wash' - it makes my skin feel squeaky clean especially because it has a tingly sensation once lathered up.

For the moisturiser I wanted something lightweight and refreshing, a few of the girls I work with had mentioned 'The Body Shop - Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet' and obviously because they have beautiful skin I thought "well if it works for them its good enough for me!". I've had this moisturiser for about two months now and I already need a new pot, I love it that much. Its so cooling on the skin and feels very luxurious. The consistency took me some time to get used to as it doesn't feel like the average cream, its kind of 'fluffy' and quite runny so it's not like anything I've used before - but I'm so impressed and don't think I'll be changing any time soon. 

clean and clear deep action cream wash tube with tub of bodyshop vitamin e aquasorbet moisturiser

I'm not quite sure how long I'm going to stay on the antibiotics for, the doctor said I can stay on them for as long as I like, the only issue I'm scared about is if I come off the antibiotics will my acne come back with a vengence? Or will my body start getting immune to taking the antibiotics? These are things I need to look into more and I guess only time will tell. I've read a few reviews where people have been on them for 2/3 years, I'm not sure I'll stay on them for that long but for the moment I'm so happy with my new glowy clear skin. and will keep you posted with a new blog later down the line.

Having people compliment me on my skin is a completely new experience for me and it makes me feel so much happier. Some people may call it vain but I think if something is really getting you down and effecting your life then why not get help with changing it? It's made me a much more confident person and hopefully sharing my experience will help other people feel more confident as well.

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