New Dior Nail Polish Collection...

April 09, 2013

So Dior have brought out a new range of nail polishes/lipsticks and Addict Glosses. They truly are beautiful...the two polishes that intrigued me were the clear gel top coat and 643 Diablotine.

Now when I first heard of the gel top coat I thought how can this possibly look like a gel top coat without having to cure it under a UV lamp? But it really does look amazing! hardens into a thick clear coat and feels very strong also leaving an amazing shine and MEGA quick drying! This retails at £18 but really is worth the money as it will last for ages!

The other nail polish I picked up was 643 Diablotine...a very summery coral/red with glitter flecks throughout (although these are very discreet) the way these polishes apply on the nail are so luxurious and easy to work with (especially as I am not the most precise when applying nail polish, so the easiest the better for me) again it's so quick drying and is very could get away with one coat but I would always suggest two so it looks perfect :)

Picture below is 643 Diablotine and gel top coat...

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