Layering Mascara...

March 04, 2013

So wanting perfect lashes is probably every girls dream...but we all need a little help getting there.

Wearing mascara enhances your natural lash and helps give the illusion of fuller and thicker eyelashes! A look is never complete in my eyes without lashings of mascara :)

I wear two different mascaras to get the desired look that I want..I like my lashes as thick and full on - as probably every other girl does aswell. Firstly I use Loreal Telescopic mascara (£10.99)...I start at the very root of the lashes and work in a zig zag motion until meeting the very top...then looking down I like to coat each lash in a zig zag motion downwards concentrating on coating the ends of my lashes. I then also coat my bottom lashes in a zigzag motion.

I then continue to do the other eye in the same way so this allows the other eye to dry a little bit so I can build further fullness...I then use Dior Iconic mascara (£23) to go over each eye...this mascara is great for curling up the lashes aswell as building even more volume to the lashes.. Carry on coating the lashes untill you reach your desired look...make sure not to overload the brush with product otherwise it may make your lashes clumpy.

Tip: not pumping the mascara will help the mascara last longer and not dry out.

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