Loreal Nail Colour...

August 06, 2012

Loreal Nail colour (602) £4.99

So I saw the advert for these new Loreal nail colours...and as usual I got suckered in...so there I was wandering around Boots and found myself at the Loreal stand!

I must say the packaging of these colours really makes them feel more high end! Specially the gold lid :) Boots were doing an offer of Buy one Get one Half price...so how could i turn that down aye?

So I grabbed this beautiful mint green colour 602 (this is the one that intrigued me from the advert) ...so happy that I got this...its the most amaizng green colour and is so pigmented! Only needed two coats! It was soooo easy to work with and is such a summery colour...I also got another colour from the range but that will be reviewed once i've given it a go :)

I deffiently recommend these nail polishes...theres a great range of colours to choose from..and I will no doubt be collecting the rest :)

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