Revlon Nail colour......

July 30, 2012

Revlon Nail Colour....Gum Drop (£6.49)

Ok so i've been eyeing up Essie nail polish in "To buy ot not to Buy" for weeks...but I just cant get my hands on yesterday I set out to try and find a dupe of this colour (a very light lilac with pink)

I came across this Revlon colour in Gum Drop...and from the picture i've seen on the internet it does look a little close to the Essie i thought hey why not!! :)

Erm...I must say I am not the biggest fan...the consistency was soo watery and not very pigmented! It took 3 coats!...which takes up way to much time if I do say so myself!

The colour is okay...not great...just okay...It came out like a pastel lilac...which is nice but not what i was looking for...this is the first Revlon nail colour I have used and probably will be my last :( I'm not sure if all of the colours are this watery but like i said...this didnt impress me! 

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