St Moritz Review...

July 25, 2012

St Moritz Mousse Tan review...(£2.99)

Being a devoted St Tropez tanner...I'm always on the look out for a more affordable tan...St tropez is by far the best tan that i have come accross but with a hefty price tag (roughly £30.00) So when I saw this in my local Savers i thought "why not"!!

Theres two options...the medium colour or the dark colour...I opted for the dark one as my motto is "more is more" haha!

Anyways the mousse is coloured which gives you an exact guide to where you are putting it, which is great as then you won't miss anywhere! The smell....well as all tanners know the smell of tan is probably one of the most unpleasant smells you will come accross...the only way i could describe it is a burnt biscuit kind of smell lol!....not nice! But i cant say that any tan I have come accross doesnt smell like that!

The best way I found to spply this was using disposable gloves and in circular motions apply to skin making sure its all rubbed in properly! Once applied it is a little bit sticky but i was quite impressed on how quickly it dried!

This was when the tan was applied.....

As you can see it looks very dark....I left this on over night and this was the finished result...

Personally this isn't dark enough for me....I'm thinking of applying another layer...but for a fraction of the price of St Tropez a couple extra coats doesnt bother me...a deffo thumbs up from me!! :)

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