Essie...To Buy Or Not To Buy!

August 07, 2012

Essie...To Buy Or Not to Buy (7.99)

YES! finally I have got my hands on this beauty! haha! As some may know I have been eyeing this colour up ever since I saw my friend wear it..and have been searching high and low to find this colour...or to atleast find a good dupe...unfortunatly finding a dupe didnt really I got so fed up I searched the internet and it is :)

I absolutley LOVE Essie nail polishes...the consistency..the packaging...the colours..and most of all what you see is what you get usually...

Although I am completely in love with this the bottle it looks to have a little sheen/glitter....although on the nail there is no sheen/glitter..even in the light! But I can kindof by pass this flaw as the colour to me is amazing!...Its a pale lilac with a hint of baby pink..I must say that the pink does over power the lilac..but never the less it is the perfect shade!

I applied two coats..and hey presto...perfect coverage! I tend to find that all Essie polishes are very pigmented and easy to work with! At a £7.99 price tag I deffo think what you pay for is deffiantly what you get! to spare that little extra cash for an Essie nail polish is soooooo worth it (to me anyways)

:) xXx :)

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