The Secret To Clear Skin!

July 17, 2012

So everybody wants "perfect skin"....there is probably no such thing...BUT...there are many things you can do to help those horrible blemishes! Personally my ultimate spot attack weapon is the beloved Sudo-creme! As soon as i feel a bump coming up i pop a bit of this magical stuff on it and let the product sink in! I usually sleep with this on...can look a little bit scary as your face will probably be as pale as a ghost but its deffiently worth it....Sudo Creme is mostly used for nappy rash etc....but is brilliant to take any redness out of spots! Don't over use this procuts with most products your skin will get used to this and stop working so use this only where needed! Its also great for other skin problems like Eczema and dry skin! So pretty much a staple product for anyone! I seriously could not live without this and from the picture you can probably tell i have nearly used this all up...but i have had this tub for approximately 6months! So deffo worth the £4.50 i paid! (Boots)

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