Best and Worst...Hairspray!

July 16, 2012 its battle of the hairsprays!!
I have tried many hairsprays...form the cheapest to whats on offer to the more expensive brands! But i have got to say that the best i have come accross is the Schwarskopf Glued Hairspray from the Got2B collection! This hairspray actually does what it advertises...glues the hair...(but not a horrible crispy effect that most other hairsprays do) It really does hold the hair all day and all night! the price isn't excatly the cheapest at £4.09 form Boots it is a little bit pricey but you dont need a lot and this will last you a hell of a long time! Easy to brush out..and smells a lot nicer than most other hairsprays!
Right now for the WORST hairspray i personally think i have EVER used! Garnier Fructis Crystal Resistant Hairspray < dont be fooled by the pretty fuity looking bottle...this does not smell fruity ATALL! ITs the most disgusting smell i have whitnessed form a £ would atleast expect it to smell a little bit better then Boots Own Hairspray...butn o it made my hair really crispy and left white residue all over my hair and was mega hard to brush out! So deffiently will not be re-purchasing!

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