Day in The Life...

July 18, 2012

So...I got hired to do the make up for a short film a while back (when the weather was actually nice haha!) It was set over two weekends...long days..very hot...but wasnt complaining as was set outside so got a nice little tan lol!
The film was for someone's masters degree at Film university and was a very interesting day...a little unorganised but being a makeup artist you kindof learn to just keep your head down and carry on! ..... little tip to anyone who wants to go down the makeup career have to be very very patient! theres a lot of waiting around on sets specially when all you need to do through the day is touch up' frantically running around with a powder puff in your hands is mostly what you can expect!
I do muchly enjoy working on sets get to meet the nicest people and it was nice that the actors and actresses were pretty much the same age as it made the day a lot more fun!
It was soooo HOT throughout the setting my makeup work space in the back of my car seemed to be the best option!
Now..for the outfits i it was mega hot i opted for the one and only..maxi dress! A staple in probably every womens wardrobe! Still looked professional but still very airy so i didnt melt away!
Below are some pictures throughout the days we were there...(Also had to do casualty makeup...which i helped with the other makeup artist)

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