The New Tan Of The Century???

July 02, 2012

pHenomenal Tanning Mousse! (Lasts upto 3 weeks)
So there's been a lot of hype about this new tan...claiming its lasts upto 3 weeks! As a devoted tanner this product is really intriguing me...and i am umming and arring weather or not to actually purchase a hefty £37.50 its extremeley more expensive then my usual St.Moritz tanner (£2.99) but if it last for 3 weeks then surely it's worth it??? If i give in to this and actually purchase it i shall be doing an in-depth review on this product giving my honest opinion on wether or not its worth it..but if anyone else has used this or knows of anyone who has..your feedback would be soooooo helpful!

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