The best & worst....

July 02, 2012

Right...the best and worse primers...this is on my personal experiences so it may not work for me but might work wonders for the next person...but favourite primer to use is bare minerals skin brightening primer....£16.50...yea it's a lot for a primer but trust me makeup should always have a nice clean base to stick too...this primer is by far the best! Only need a tiny squirt..always pat primer into the skin never squirt will go a long way, this gives your skin an instant glow and immediately your skin feels nice a smooth! ....No.7's no shine primer on the other hand is horrific! Toooo thick and is so hard to work with! It's done nothing then leave my skin very dry! For £7.00 (which in my opinion is still highly priced for a drugstore item) you would think that it would atleast work a tiny bit...but no...I will never re purchase this and will probably throw this away as I really am unimpressed with this item! Booooo :(!

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