Want Smoother Lips??

July 19, 2012

There is personally nothing worse then sore, cracked dry lips...it makes me extremely depressed :( booooo!! So over the last few months i have tried numorous lip balms/butters/creams to help keep my lips moisturised and i have come up with a very dynamic duo!

Lush bubblegum lip scrub (£5.25)

WOW ....what a product!!...Smells amazing...tastes amazing...feels amazing...its just...you guessed it AMAZING!!! 
I usually use this when i get out of the shower so my lips are a little damp....get some of the grains on my finger and scrub away at my lips (no particular way in scrubbing just firm enough to get all those nasty dead skin cells off)..once ive done that i wipe the rest off with a cotton pad..then hey presto....smoother lips...then its time to moisturise...

Body Shop lip butter (Coconut) £4.00

Smells sooooooooo nice!...and is the most moisturising lip
balm that i have come accross so far! This is always in my personal makeup bag aswell as my makeup kit! I usually apply this before i start doing my makeup...so when i get to my lips there nice and smooth for my lippy! Also like to apply it before bed so i wake up with nice soft lips :)

I can honestly say that combining these two procuts together my lips have never been happier! I would deffiently recommend giving this ago and seeing if it works for you too!

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